Below is a full transcript of Zero's story.

Chapter 1 (Akuma)Edit

When the trail of light left by his sword caught up to his target, a moment's silence took over. The next instant, the rampaging robot was destroyed—relief and joy followed. SA-Class Hunter, Zero. The one who despised evil more than any other. He had no memory of his origin.

The continent shattered and many years followed. As his mind replayed distant memories, Zero awoke. "Were you the one who woke me?" The man standing defiantly before him emanated a murderous aura. "Show me the darkness within you!" came the reply.

Chapter 2 (Rathalos)Edit

A vicious duel followed. The ground beneath Zero was blown away by a blast of ki from his assailant. A tremendous dust cloud billowed out from the crumbling ruins. The battle was over...for now. Escaping the wreckage, Zero saw that the sky was red. "Fire! I have to get back!"

Every time the flying wyvern raised its massive jaw, flames spilled from between its fangs. A fireball hurtled past Zero, striking the ground near him. His body baked in the heat. Lashing out with his Z-Saber, Zero carved a path through the fire, and leapt toward the flames' master.

Chapter 3 (X)Edit

Suddenly, Zero's body contorted with pain. "Aaargh! My head... Get out of my head!" "Hee hee... Remember. Remember who you really are." The woman's evil eye glinted. Driven mad by the torrent of memories, Zero lashed out, his Z-Saber flicking away the flames one after another.

"Zero!" When X arrived in town, Zero was in agone. "Sta back, X!" Zero's grip on sanity was slipping...slipping... And then, showing no sign of emotion, he swung his Z-Saber down upon his friend.

"—ro! Zero! You're a Maverick Hunter! You swore to fight evil! Snap out of it!" In the midst of the battle, Zero awoke to X's cries. And then, fear overtook him. He was terrified of the dormant instinct that drove him to attack his friend. "Am I...a Maverick?"

Now burdened with the destructing fate of the Mavericks, the path that Zero believed in was lost. His bitter memories had robbed him of his proud sense of justice. "Zero... I'm going to the Land of Illusion to make sure of my mission."


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