Zero is one of the Heroes in TEPPEN. He was the fourth hero added to the game after its release, following Akuma.

He was first unveiled on February 21, 2020 (JST),[2] following a tease by Kazuki Morishita (GungHo CEO) during the TEPPEN HEADLINE #1 stream held on February 17.[3] He was released on March 1 via the Version 2.2 Update.[4]

Hero Arts[]

Hero Skins[]


A Maverick Hunter devoted to justice, Zero served during the resplendent age of civilization. Bitter memories suddenly flash through his mind, revealing his true nature. Now he sets out to carve a new path toward destiny.


  • Zero is the first hero to break the trend of releasing with no main Unit Card. Jill Valentine, Nero and Akuma had no Unit Card with only their names on it prior to their releases, but Zero already had the Basic Card of Zero (MORRIGAN 006), with his new one being Zero (ZERO 008).
    • Zero is also the first hero where all of his Basic Cards have an effect.
  • Johnny Yong Bosch, the voice actor of Zero, is also the voice actor of Nero.


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