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The WC2019 Selection Pack is a card pack in TEPPEN. It was first announced during the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 (Second Qualifying Tournament on November 23),[1] it was released alongside the Version 1.6 Update on December 1, 2019 and was available until December 23.

This pack costed 240 Jewels and included cards from the Core Card Pack, DAY OF NIGHTMARES and The Devils Awaken. It had a Legendary Charge of 20. It also included the ability to pull Hero Skins, introducing them to the game.[2]

Possible Cards

Secret Cards







  1. 【TEPPEN】いいとこ取りの新カードパック&ヒーロースキンの実装が決定!実装予定日は12月2日 (ファミ通App)
  2. PlayTEPPEN on Twitter: "ICYMI During the World Championship Japan Qualifier event, we announced a special new card pack: WC 2019 Selection Pack. Featuring: * Choice cards from all three existing card sets * A lower Legendary charge * And the opportunity to pull four new Hero skins!

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