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List of bugs fixed


June 1, 2021


WCS2021 -MAY- Sponsored By meiji 瞬間清涼 FINAL ROUND![]

The WCS2021 -MAY- Sponsored By meiji 瞬間清涼FINAL ROUND will be held from May 28, 2021 (PT) – May 30, 2021 (PT) / May 29, 2021 (UTC) – May 30, 2021 (UTC)!

The FINAL ROUND (May 30 (PT) / May 30 (UTC)) will be broadcast live on Twitch (in English) and YouTube (in Japanese), so please check it out on the TEPPEN Ch.! Emblems will be distributed to tourney participants at a later date. Getting matched in ranked matches with players that have a tourney emblem is sure to result in a fiery battle, so be sure to give it a try! The Tour Point Rankings will be updated at the end of the tourney, so check them out from the Ranking screen!

More details about WCS2021 -JUN- can be found through the WCS2021 portal site or in-game.

  • Learn more about 2021 Tour Points here!
  • The WCS2021 portal site can be found here!
  • Tour Points Rankings can be found by going to the Home Screen → Battle → Rankings → Tour Points.

New items in the Soul Shop![]

Secret Card "Ryunosuke Naruhodo (AVP 035, Secret)" will be available in the Soul Shop!

Cards Sales Period:

Balance Changes![]

Thank you for your continued enjoyment of playing TEPPEN.

We are committed to encouraging a wide variety of useful decks and strategies that players can create by combining Hero Arts and cards. We have gone through with some planned balance adjustments for this purpose. We have decided to adjust the Hero Art for the purpose of creating new deck types, and adjust some card abilities for the purpose of making it easier to incorporate the battle of the unit in the Purple Element into the strategy.

Please see the following for each balance adjustments.



Version 3.2.5 Gods' Gift Waka (TOA 066).jpg

Gods' Gift Waka (TOA 066)

[MP:3] [Attack:1] [HP:6]
This unit's attacks cannot be blocked.
While on the field: Give "This unit takes 1 damage every 5 seconds" to the unit in front.
Resonate: Return this unit to your EX pocket.
[MP:3] [Attack:2] [HP:5]
This unit's attacks cannot be blocked.
While on the field: Give the unit in front "Take 1 damage every 5 seconds."

Version 3.2.5 Oshu Lord Date Masamune (TOA 067).jpg

Oshu Lord Date Masamune (TOA 067)

[MP:6] [Attack:1] [HP:10]
<Growth>: 2
Lv.2: Gain Attack Damage +1.
Lv.3: Gain +1 Attack.
Lv.4: Gain <Combo> and <Spillover>.
[MP:6] [Attack:2] [HP:7]
<Growth>: 2
Lv. 2: Gain <Shield>.
Lv. 3: Gain <Combo> and <Spillover>.
Lv. 4: Gain +1/+2.

Version 3.2.5 Subtle Butterfly Ada (ADA 063).jpg

Subtle Butterfly Ada (ADA 063)

[MP:6] [Attack:3] [HP:5]
When placed on the field: Randomly Lock 1 of your empty board slots for 10 seconds and give all enemy units -1 Attack. (Effective for 1 attack.)
Whenever 1 of your board slots is inflicted with Lock: MP +1
Death: Return this card to the EX Pocket, then place 1 random purple unit with an MP cost of 3 or less from your hand or EX Pocket onto the field.
Trigger that unit's When played abilities.
[MP:6] [Attack:3] [HP:5]
When placed on the field: Lock 1 of your board slots at random for 10 seconds.
Whenever 1 of your board slots is inflicted with Lock: Gain +1 MP.
Death: Return this unit to the EX Pocket, then place 1 random purple unit in your hand or EX Pocket with an MP cost of 5 or less onto the field.
Activate the When played abilities of that unit.

Hero Arts[]

Bringer of Nightmares.jpg

Bringer of Nightmares

Add a unit in your deck with <Revenge> activated to the EX Pocket.
Give 1 unit in your deck with <Revenge> active -1 MP and add it to the EX Pocket. (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)
Give that unit +1/+1.

New Ranked Match "Trish & Gloria"![]

New Ranked Match "Trish & Gloria" is coming!
Aim for the top in the Ranked Match and get emblems!

Other Changes[]

  • Changes to Some Game Text
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
  • Some visual aspects will be changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing will been updated.