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List of bugs fixed


January 7, 2020.


  • The new card set “The Force Seekers” has been added.
  • The new hero Akuma joins the fray!
  • The following have also been added.
    • Added a new Hero Story.
    • Added new quests to Chronicles.
    • Added new Achievements.
    • Added Akuma to Practice.
  • Added Evil Ryu Extra Skin.
  • The Ranked Match "Dante" is now available.
  • A new Season Pass is now on sale.
  • Added Tour Points function.
    • Tour points are points given to high ranked players in Ranked Matches.
    • These will influence your entry for offline events like TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020.
    • Details regarding Tour Points will be announced at a later date.
  • Added a function to play free matches with the same rule set as the Grand Prix and EX Grand Prix while they are available.
  • Renamed View/Craft Card to View/Reap/Craft Cards.
  • Added a function that allows you to select multiple cards from View/Reap/Craft Cards > Reap All to reap all selected cards at once.
  • Added a new function that allows QR codes in saved images to be read.
  • On the Edit Deck screen, moved the New Deck button from the bottom of the list to the top.
    • New decks made will now appear at the top of the list rather than last.
  • Increased the maximum number of decks that can be saved from 30 to 50.
  • Added a function found in Other → Tickets that allows movement to a ticket usage screen.
  • Default display in View/Reap/Craft Cards will be changed to “All”.
  • Adjusted Ranking Matches so that Ranking players from 101 to 5000 place now also receive rewards.
  • Changed EX Grand Prix matchmaking specifications.
  • The Place Attained now appears if players are within 10000th place in the Past Battles in Ranked Matches.
    • How to check the Place Attained
      • You can check it in Home screen> Other> Player Info> Past Battles.
      • The past results until Ranked Match "Chun-Li" will not be reflected.
  • Some text has been changed.
  • Some localizations have been changed.
  • Some aspects of UI, behavior, and communication processing have been updated.
  • Some bugs have been fixed.

Bugs fixed[]

  • When obtaining the abilities such as "Counter Damage +1" or "Gains +1 attack damage" through "Victory: Acquires the abilities of the defeated unit" of Advanced Artifact X (COR 070), the abilities may not be displayed accurately.
  • If the unit with a sealed "Resonate" is sent to the Graveyard during the Active Response, the ability of "Resonate" will activate.
  • Under certain conditions, the Active Response is not over even if the "RESOLVE" button was tapped during the Active Response.
  • Under certain conditions, dead units are not sent to the Graveyard and remain displayed.
  • During certain battles, the remaining time may not be displayed accurately when selecting whether to exchange cards at the start of the battle.
  • Under certain conditions, when the Hero Art Uroboros or The Tyrant Unleashed (TDA 096) is used, the effects may not be activated as intended.
  • Under certain conditions, the <Shield> continues to be displayed even if the <Shield> of Voltaic Black Knight is lost.
    • This problem is only visual and it does not affect any effect.
  • Under certain conditions, Units in the Play Area may not be displayed as intended.
  • In the “Ranked Match Informations” of the main screen “Other” > “Player Info”, once the ranking is out of range, the display of the Highest Ranking Place will be reset.
  • Under certain conditions, the MP of the unit with the activated <Revenge> that added to your hand is not displayed accurately.
  • When Advanced Arifact [sic] X (COR 070) destroys multiple units with some <Growth> abilities, the abilities is not reflected as intended.
    • If you gain multiple <Growth> abilities, only the last <Growth> ability will be reflected.


  • A new sound effect was added when a player uses the Hero Art Yawn on a Unit Card.

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