The Tribes in TEPPEN are an attribute given to Unit Cards since its original release. As of the Adventures of a Tiny Hero expansion, the tribe concept was revamped and certain card's effects will only activate based on the tribe of the cards on the field, EX Pocket, etc.


A tribe is only present in Unit Cards, however, Action Cards can have effects that are based on certain tribe(s). Originally, there was a tribe named "Demi-Human" which was replaced with "Beast" in the Version 2.2 Update.

Since its revamp with the Adventures of a Tiny Hero expansion, Unit Cards can now have more than one tribe. New icons were also added to the game which will clearly show what tribe an Unit Card has.

When the expansion The Tale of Amatsu no Kuni released, two new tribes were introduced to the game, being Kami and Spirit.

Tribe ListEdit

Icon Name Number of Unit Cards with the tribe Card List
Human Human 216 Card List/Humans
Beast Beast 19 Card List/Beasts
Creature Creature 49 Card List/Creatures
Demon Demon 102 Card List/Demons
Monster Monster 116 Card List/Monsters
Machine Machine 105 Card List/Machines
Kami Kami 3 Card List/Kami
Spirit Spirit 4 Card List/Spirits
N/A Unit Cards with more than one tribe To be added N/A
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