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The Devils Awaken is the second TEPPEN expansion, following DAY OF NIGHTMARES. It was first announced at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show and was released on October 31 (PST) / November 1 (JST) 2019 via the Version 1.5 Update.[1]


Cinematic Trailer Release commemorationEdit

Prior to the release of the expansion, a special campaign was held which would award players with in-game items depending on the number of views the official Cinematic Trailers got, this includes all version of the trailer in every language.[2]

This campaign lasted between October 24 (PST) / 25 (JST) - November 6 (PST) / 7 (JST). However, the target was met early. On October 30, there was an annoucement that the campaign was achieved and that the rewards were going to be given between mid November and mid December.[3] The items were eventually given out with the Version 1.6 Update on December 01.

The following is a list of rewards that were given to all players:

Number of views Rewards
5,000 views "The Devils Awaken" Pack Ticket x1
8,000 views Zenny x50
10,000 views "The Devils Awaken" Pack Ticket x2

Nero releaseEdit

After the expansion and Nero were released, another campaign was held which was based around the amount of times Nero was played. This campaign lasted between October 31 - December 1.[4]

On November 5, the final target was met and the following rewards were going to be sent to players sometime between November and December.[4]

Times Nero was used by all users during the tally period Rewards
100,000 times Soul × 30
200,000 times Soul × 50
400,000 times Soul × 80
600,000 times "The Devils Awaken" Pack Ticket x1

Content added via The Devils AwakenEdit










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