Below is the image policy of the TEPPEN Wiki.



When uploading a card image, you may keep the original name of the file if it was obtained from the official TEPPEN site. By default, these files are named after the card's No. such as Morrigan013.png or Tda030.png, this works well when building a new card page.

As for a full illustration of a card, these should have the same name as their "card" version but with the word "full" added to the end. Examples: Morrigan013 full.png, Tda030 full.png.

For any other type of image, you may choose any file name, however, it's important to note that you should name the file accordingly for easy identification and use. Avoid uploading an image with a name that makes no sense, if you find a file with a bad name, please add Category:Images to be renamed to it so an admin can rename it.



All Images should be categorized with the correct category. Users can include multiple categories into any one image so long as all of them apply. When uploading images via either Special:Upload or Special:MultipleUpload, you will see the following options below the "Summary" box:

Image upload example 1

At least one category must be selected in order to upload an image to the TEPPEN Wiki. The following table explains how categories should be used:

Selectable Categories

Category When it should be used
Category:Unknown series When the uploader doesn't know the game series (Street Fighter, Resident Evil, etc.) of the image. Note: This is usually used when using Special:MultipleUpload since all files will have the categories selected.
Category:Devil May Cry images Used on any image with Devil May Cry characters, creatures, etc.
Category:Resident Evil images Used on any image with Resident Evil characters, creatures, etc.
Category:Street Fighter images Used on any image with Street Fighter characters, etc.
Category:Darkstalkers images Used on any image with Darkstalkers characters, enemies, etc.
Category:Mega Man images Used on any image with Mega Man characters, enemies, etc.
Category:Monster Hunter images Used on any image with Monster Hunter characters, enemies, etc.
Category:Full illustrations Only used on images that are a full illustration of a card.
Category:Screenshots Only used on images that are a screenshot of TEPPEN, not to be used on screenshots of other video games.
Category:Real world images Only used on images that of the real world, such as pictures taken in an event.
Category:Animated images Used on any images that are animated.
Category:User images Used on images that are solely meant to be used on user pages.
Category:Wiki related images Used on select images that are used on the main page, background, tempaltes, or behind the scenes. This category is usually set by an admin, so you might not want to add this to anything you upload.
Category:Images When it doesn't fall into any other category.

You may choose to ignore these and simply select Category:Unknown series and then wait for another user to replace the categories with the correct ones. However, do make sure to at least add this one category so your file won't be "lost" within the wiki.

Non-Selectable Categories

The following categories are not listed in the above options. However you may still add them after the image was uploaded. Please read the following table to understand when they should be used.

Category When it should be used
Category:Images to be renamed When the image has a poor name.
Category:Badges Used on images that are used as an achievement. This category should not be used anymore as all achievements are already in that category.


When applicable, it's advised to add the source of the image into the "Summary" box when uploading an image.

Users who intend to upload multiple files may use Special:MultipleUpload instead, please note that all images will have the category selected. At this point you can simply just use Category:Unknown series and then manually change the categories to the correct ones after the upload, or wait for another user to change it for you.

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