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The TEPPEN Wiki is affiliated with the teppencommunity Discord server which can be joined by using the following link:

About the teppencommunity server

Anyone with a Discord account may join the teppencommunity server. This server has many text channels dedicated to a certain topic related to the game, including separate text channels for each TEPPEN Hero.

The rules of the server can be read at the dedicated #rules channel.

The TEPPEN Wiki recommends readers to join the server so that any questions related to the game or the current meta will be answered quickly due to the large amount of users present at the server. While the TEPPEN Wiki is meant to serve as a "resource", the teppencommunity server would fill the gaps of the Wiki, such as giving information to users about the current state of the game, before this information reaches the Wiki.

Do note that while inquiring about the wiki's content on the server is allowed, changes to the wiki should be requested at an article's talk page instead.

About Discord

Discord is an app that can be used to talk to other users via text or voice chat. It can be used on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. Discord can also be used on a browser by using the following link: This means that Discord does not necessarily need to be downloaded or installed in order to be used.

A key feature of Discord are its "servers". Servers can be created by anyone, they act as a "room" for users to talk. Servers can be public or private, and hold as low as simply one user within.

Within these servers, separate text and voice channels can be created so that users have a dedicated "room" where they can talk about a certain topic. Users with certain privileges may lock these channels so that only a select group of people may use the channel, or only they can use the channel. The latter case is often used in "news" channels where the whole purpose is to post the latest news of whatever topic the channel and server is about.

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