The TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2020 is an eSports event that will take place on December 2020. It was first announced during the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 finals on December 21, 2019.



How to Enter the WC2020Edit

Tour PointsEdit

The top 16 players with the highest amount of Tour Points will be qualified for the WC2020. Tour Points are given by playing the Ranked Match. Only the Tour Points between January to September 2020 will matter for the WC2020, any earned after will not count.[1]

Online Region CUPEdit

Players at the top spots of in-game Online Region CUP will be qualified for the WC2020.[1]

  • Scheduled Date: Planned for August 2020.
  • Scheduled Time: All-Day matches separated for each region (1 day matches).
  • Applicable Regions: Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Japan.
  • Available Entries: 3 entries to the top players across 4 regions; 12 entries total.

Offline TournamentsEdit

As stated in the TEPPEN HEADLINE #1 stream, the developers will be holding offline tournaments where the top players will be able to qualify for the WC2020. They mentioned Gamescom, PAX West and Tokyo Game Show as examples, but no further information such as if these are confirmed events.[2]



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