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Street Fighter is a fighting game franchise.


Street Fighter V main visual

Ryu in Street Fighter V.

The first game in the series released in 1987 for arcade machines, simply titled "Street Fighter". The latest major title in the series was Street Fighter V, released in 2016. An updated version of this game, titled Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, was released on February 14, 2020.

Please see the Street Fighter Wiki for further information about the series.

Street Fighter in TEPPENEdit




Akuma (called Gouki in Japan), first appeared in Street Fighter II Turbo.

Akuma's voice actors are Richard Epcar and Taketora in the English and Japanese versions respectively.



Ryu first appeared in Street Fighter, he is a classic character of the series, being considered the face of the franchise by fans and also commonly used in crossover appearances.

Ryu's voice actors are Kyle Hebert and Hiroki Takahashi in the English and Japanese versions respectively. These two actors have been voicing Ryu is most media since Street Fighter IV.

Ryu's theme in TEPPEN is a remix of the Street Fighter V track titled "Theme of Ryu":



Chun-Li first appeared in Street Fighter II, she is also considered a major character in the franchise (alongside Ryu), often being used in crossover media.

Chun-Li's voice actors are Ashly Burch and Fumiko Orikasa in the English and Japanese versions respectively. Ashly Burch has only voiced Chun-Li in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, while Fumiko Orikasa has been the main actress for Chun-Li since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes.

Chun-Li's theme in TEPPEN is a remix of the Street Fighter V track titled "Theme of Chun-Li":

Hero ArtsEdit

Name Image Notes
Raging Demon Raging Demon N/A
Sekia Kuretsuha Sekia Kuretsuha N/A
Ashura Senku Ashura Senku N/A
Shinku Hadoken Shinku Hadoken N/A
Denjin Renki Denjin Renki N/A
Metsu Shoryuken Metsu Shoryuken N/A
Metsu Hadoken Metsu Hadoken N/A
Torrent of Hado Torrent of Hado N/A
Messatsu Goshoryu Messatsu Goshoryu N/A
Kikosho Kikosho N/A
Hyakuretsukyaku Hyakuretsukyaku N/A
Yawn Yawn N/A


Basic CardsEdit

Name Image Notes
G (NERO 003) Nero003 N/A
Guile (JILL 003) Jill003 N/A
Sagat (RYU 007) Ryu007 N/A
Ryu (RYU 008) Ryu008 N/A
Ryu (RYU 008, Secret) Ryu008 sct N/A
Ken (RYU 005) Ryu005 N/A
Dan (RYU 001) Ryu001 N/A
Dee Jay (RYU 002) Ryu002 N/A
Engulfing Hado (RYU 013) Ryu013 N/A
Shakunetsu Hado (RYU 012) Ryu012 N/A
Path of the Warrior (RYU 009) Ryu009 N/A
Sakura's Fighting Spirit (RYU 010) Ryu010 N/A
Scar of Humiliation (RYU 011) Ryu011 N/A
Chun-Li (CHUN-LI 008) Chun-li008 N/A
Chun-Li (CHUN-LI 008, Secret) Chun-li008 sct N/A
Blanka (CHUN-LI 001) Chun-li001 N/A
Zangief (CHUN-LI 005) Chun-li005 N/A
Oath to Father (CHUN-LI 013) Chun-li013 N/A
Block (CHUN-LI 012) Chun-li012 N/A
Siberian Body (CHUN-LI 009) Chun-li009 N/A
Defensive Stance (CHUN-LI 010) Chun-li010 N/A
Hakkei (CHUN-LI 011) Chun-li011 N/A
Dhalsim (MORRIGAN 002) Morrigan002 N/A
Ibuki (DANTE 006) Dante006 N/A
Oro (DANTE 004) Dante004 N/A
Rolento (WESKER 002) Wesker002 N/A
M. Bison (NERGIGANTE 006) Nergigante006 N/A
M. Bison (AKUMA 007) Akuma007 N/A
Akuma (AKUMA 008) Akuma008 N/A
Decapre (AKUMA 001) Akuma001 N/A
F.A.N.G (AKUMA 002) Akuma002 N/A
Battle to the Death (AKUMA 013) Akuma013 N/A
Defect (AKUMA 012) Akuma012 N/A
Like a Demon (AKUMA 009) Akuma009 N/A
Murderous Hands (AKUMA 010) Akuma010 N/A
Path of Destruction (AKUMA 011) Akuma011 N/A
Blanka (FELYNE 001) Felyne001 N/A
T. Hawk (FELYNE 003) Felyne003 N/A
Desperate Restraint (FELYNE 011) Felyne011 N/A

Core Card PackEdit

Name Image Notes
Fate-Defying Ryu (COR 025) Cor025 N/A
Sakura (COR 013) Cor013 N/A
Sakura (COR 013, Secret) Cor013 sct N/A
Fei Long (COR 014) Cor014 N/A
Sean (COR 001) Cor001 N/A
Guy (COR 002) Cor002 N/A
Dual Dragon Hado (COR 045) Cor045 N/A
Chain Fire (COR 043) Cor043 N/A
Mutual Destruction (COR 040) Cor040 N/A
Shockwave (COR 027) Cor027 N/A
Suicidal Charge (COR 029) Cor029 N/A
Angry Charge (COR 031) Cor031 N/A
Heavenly Kicks Chun-Li (COR 071) Cor071 N/A
Karin (COR 058) Cor058 N/A
Zangief (COR 059) Cor059 N/A
Elena (COR 062) Cor062 N/A
Makoto (COR 047) Cor047 N/A
Abel (COR 048) Cor048 N/A
Hugo (COR 049) Cor049 N/A
Soul Offering (COR 090) Cor090 N/A
Healing (COR 081) Cor081 N/A
Reckless Charge (COR 084) Cor084 N/A
Wall Jump (COR 072) Cor072 N/A
Kolin (COR 110) Cor110 N/A
Remy (COR 091) Cor091 N/A
Utsusemi Technique (COR 127) Cor127 N/A
Claw Cutter (COR 128) Cor128 N/A
Foresight (COR 123) Cor123 N/A
M. Bison (COR 156) Cor156 N/A
Seth (COR 148) Cor148 N/A
Rolento (COR 149) Cor149 N/A
Sodom (COR 136) Cor136 N/A
Obliteration (COR 176) Cor176 N/A
Psycho Power (COR 166) Cor166 N/A


Name Image Notes
Fighting Spirit (T011) T011 N/A
Herculean Strength (T015) T015 N/A
Feng Shui Engine (T022) T022 N/A
Nash (DON 012) Don012 N/A
Nash (DON 012, Secret) Don012 sct N/A
Guile (DON 001) Don001 N/A
Maki (DON 003) Don003 N/A
Zeku (DON 007) Don007 N/A
State of Nothingness (DON 025) Don025 N/A
Bushinryu Awakening (DON 023) Don023 N/A
Vengeance (DON 018) Don018 N/A
Rufus (DON 032) Don032 N/A
Blanka (DON 037) Don037 N/A
T. Hawk (DON 026) Don026 N/A
Juri, Purple Spider (DON 067) Don067 N/A
Menat (DON 051) Don051 N/A
Kolin (DON 058) Don058 N/A
Supreme Senjutsu (DON 071) Don071 N/A
Vega (DON 082) Don082 N/A
Abigail (DON 076) Don076 N/A
Fated Conclusion (DON 096) Don096 N/A

The Devils AwakenEdit

Name Image Notes
Crimson Battle-King Ken (TDA 016) Tda016 N/A
Cody (TDA 014) Tda014 N/A
Hidden Knife (T034) T034 N/A
Rashid (TDA 013) Tda013 N/A
Full Potential (TDA 022) Tda022 N/A
Raigeki Shu (TDA 020) Tda020 N/A
G (TDA 040) Tda040 N/A
Edmond Honda (TDA 033) Tda033 N/A
El Fuerte (TDA 027) Tda027 N/A
Dhalsim (TDA 059) Tda059 N/A
Ingrid (TDA 054) Tda054 N/A
Soul Reflect (TDA 071) Tda071 N/A
Skulduggery (TDA 072) Tda072 N/A
Words of Self-Control (TDA 068) Tda068 N/A
Killer Bee (TDA 083) Tda083 N/A
Killer Bee (TDA 083, Secret) Tda083 sct N/A
Poison (TDA 078) Tda078 N/A

The Force SeekersEdit

Name Image Notes
Ryu (TFS 012) Tfs012 N/A
Evil Ryu (T045) T045 N/A
Falke (TFS 013) Tfs013 N/A
Gouken (TFS 008) Tfs008 N/A
Guy (TFS 001) Tfs001 N/A
Ed (TFS 002) Tfs002 N/A
Ed (TFS 002, Secret) Tfs002 sct N/A
Unwavering Blade (TFS 023) Tfs023 N/A
Hado Strike (TFS 024) Tfs024 N/A
Full-Power Punch (TFS 021) Tfs021 N/A
Young Power Awakened (TFS 018) Tfs018 N/A
Catalyst (TFS 020) Tfs020 N/A
Ultra-Lady Karin (TFS 041) Tfs041 N/A
R. Mika (TFS 037) Tfs037 N/A
Necalli (TFS 032) Tfs032 N/A
Dudley (TFS 026) Tfs026 N/A
Call to Battle (TFS 048) Tfs048 N/A
Timeless Murder Machine (TFS 046) Tfs046 N/A
Oil Shower (TFS 043) Tfs043 N/A
Double-Team (TFS 045) Tfs045 N/A
Silent Assassin Gen (TFS 066) Tfs066 N/A
Rose (TFS 062) Tfs062 N/A
C. Viper (TFS 063) Tfs063 N/A
Urien (TFS 057) Tfs057 N/A
Oro (TFS 058) Tfs058 N/A
Juri (TFS 051) Tfs051 N/A
Juri (TFS 051, Secret) Tfs051 sct N/A
Ceasefire (TFS 075) Tfs075 N/A
Swirling Bloodlust (TFS 074) Tfs074 N/A
Glare (TFS 068) Tfs068 N/A
All-Seeing Eye (TFS 070) Tfs070 N/A
Master of the Fist Akuma (TFS 091) Tfs091 N/A
Demon-God Oni (T046) T046 N/A
M. Bison (TFS 087) Tfs087 N/A
F.A.N.G (TFS 082) Tfs082 N/A
Juli (TFS 083) Tfs083 N/A
Birdie (TFS 076) Tfs076 N/A
Balrog (TFS 077) Tfs077 N/A
Vega (TFS 078) Tfs078 N/A
Seth (TFS 079) Tfs079 N/A
Juni (TFS 081) Tfs081 N/A
Cruel Game (TFS 100) Tfs100 N/A
Mastery of the Hado (TFS 094) Tfs094 N/A
Betrayal (TFS 098) Tfs098 N/A
Second Wind (TFS 096) Tfs096 N/A
Pleasure in Destruction (TFS 097) Tfs097 N/A
Starvation Impulse (TFS 093) Tfs093 N/A
Ant Queen's Caress (TFS 095) Tfs095 N/A
Ant Queen's Caress (TFS 095, Secret) Tfs095 N/A

Haunted by MemoriesEdit

Name Image Notes
Cody (HBM 010) Hbm010 N/A
Ed (HBM 003) Hbm003 N/A
Charlie (HBM 005) Hbm005 N/A
Chain of Fists (HBM 021) Hbm021 N/A
Desperate Betrayal (HBM 023) Hbm023 N/A
Research Subject (HBM 012) Hbm012 N/A
Killer Bee Strike Cammy (HBM 036) Hbm036 N/A
The Doll's Memories (HBM 050) Hbm050 N/A
Kolin (HBM 054) Hbm054 N/A
Miraculous Awakening (HBM 071) Hbm071 N/A
Calculated Guidance (HBM 074) Hbm074 N/A
Revelation (HBM 065) Hbm065 N/A
Decapre (HBM 077) Hbm077 N/A
Gill (HBM 081) Hbm081 N/A
Reckless Brawl (HBM 099) Hbm099 N/A
Assassination List (HBM 091) Hbm091 N/A

Adventures of a Tiny HeroEdit

Name Image Notes
Necro (ATH 034) Ath034 N/A
Karin (ATH 035) Ath035 N/A
Karin (ATH 035, Secret) Ath035 sct N/A
Rufus (ATH 027) Ath027 N/A
Glare of Contempt (ATH 048) Ath048 N/A
Human Engineering (ATH 043) Ath043 N/A
Bombast (ATH 045) Ath045 N/A
C. Viper (ATH 057) Ath057 N/A
Wounded Heart (ATH 068) Ath068 N/A
Balrog (ATH 081) Ath081 N/A
Fists of Destruction (ATH 096) Ath096 N/A


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