Skins are a form of customization in TEPPEN.


Skins were first announced at the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 during the Second Qualifying Tournament (November 23), and were eventually released with Version 1.6 Update on December 1 where they could be acquired via the WC2019 Selection Pack.

On December 22, the WC2019 Selection Pack became unavailable and was replaced with the New Year Selection Pack which also had the possibility of pulling the same four skins as the WC2019 Selection Pack, these being the Blonde Hair, Ready for Battle, Pink Dress and Azure Rathalos skins.

During the finals of the 2019 World Championship on December 21, a brand new skin was teased which would act differently than the other existing ones. The announced "Evil Ryu" skin would also change the Hero Art animation, though the effects of each art would remain the same. This skin was released on January 7, 2020 with the Version 2.0 Update. This update also removed the New Year Selection Pack, meaning that the four original skins became unobtainable.

On April 1, 2020, the TEPPEN SPECIAL PACK 1 was added to the game via the Version 2.3 Update, this card pack included all of the released skins at that time, and would last until April 13.


The only skin that can currently be obtained is the "Evil Ryu" which can only be obtained via "The Force Seekers" Card Pack.


The skins can be changed at the Edit Deck menu, where a "Change Skin" option is shown. All skins come with one player icon.

Skins only change the looks of Heroes and Hero Arts, they do not make any other changes to the gameplay.

The "Evil Ryu" skin is currently the only one which completely changes the animation of the Hero Arts, but the effects of the arts are the same as the default Ryu. This skin also changes Ryu's BGM, Ryu's voice lines and the voice played when the player enters the game.

Skin ListEdit

Skins with their names written in red cannot be obtained currently.


Hero Skin Name Notes
Morrigan Aensland Blonde Hair N/A
Albert Wesker Ready for Battle In Resident Evil 5, Wesker can lose his glasses during gameplay in some of the modes.
Chun-Li Pink Dress This skin is based on one of Chun-Li's recolors in the Street Fighter series.
Rathalos Azure Rathalos The Azure Rathalos is a subspecies of Rathalos in the Monster Hunter series.

Complete RedesignsEdit

Hero Skin Name Notes Hero Arts
Ryu Evil Ryu N/A Metsu Hadoken
Torrent of Hado
Messatsu Goshoryu

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