Ranked Match Missions are available every time a new Ranked Match season starts. The missions are all related to reaching a certain rank in a season.


Rank Reward
F5 N/A
F4 Zenny x60
F3 Zenny x60
F2 Zenny x60
F1 Zenny x60
E5 Zenny x100, Fate-Defying Ryu (COR 025) x1
E4 Zenny x60
E3 Zenny x60
E2 Zenny x60
E1 Zenny x60
D5 Zenny x100
D4 Zenny x60
D3 Zenny x60
D2 Zenny x60
D1 Zenny x60
C5 Zenny x100, Dreadking Rathalos (COR 026) x1
C4 Zenny x60
C3 Zenny x60
C2 Zenny x60
C1 Zenny x60
B5 Zenny x100
B4 Zenny x60
B3 Zenny x60
B2 Zenny x60
B1 Zenny x60
A5 Zenny x100
A4 Zenny x60
A3 Zenny x60
A2 Zenny x60
A1 Zenny x60
Champion Zenny x200, Mysterious Girl player icon


  • The rewards "Fate-Defying Ryu (COR 025)", "Dreadking Rathalos (COR 026)" and "Mysterious Girl player icon" are only given once to players.
  • Since players are deranked after every season, they are able to get the rewards of the ranks above the rank they were demoted to.
  • When a season is reset and a player is demoted, they do not automatically obtain the rewards from ranks below the one they are currently sitting in (eg. a player who got demoted to A5 does not automatically obtain the rewards from ranks F5 to B1).


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