Below is a full transcript of Nero's story.

Chapter 1 (X)Edit

There were things Nero had to reclaim. His lost pride... his stolen power. "All right, let's rock." His weapon growled, releasing a beam of electrical energy. It was a Devil Breaker—a prosthetic armament. A new form of power to replace his lost demon arm.

Nero had returned to demon-hunting with the help of his partner, Nico, but there was a catch: Whenever he smashed up one of his new toys, he'd have to get a new one made. "This new arm better last longer," he grumbled, before setting off in search of materials for the workshop.

The ruins were full of scrap, but there was something wrong. "Show yourself, whatever you are!" spat Nero, and a robot appeared. "Hey, you with the arm, I'll take that," it replied, training its gun on him. Nero shrugged and prepared to fight.

Chapter 2 (Nergigante)Edit

The blast of lightning from Nero's arm collided with a shot of energy fired by the robot, causing an explosion. The powerful shockwave was too much for the brittle ruins, and they began to collapse. "Damn it!" cursed Nero as he lept clear to escape. The robot only watched.

Nero sighed as he looked over the dense pile of rubble, when suddenly, a mighty roar reverberated through the air. Was it an aftershock of the ruins' collapse? And then he saw a woman, cornered by an elder dragon. "Not your lucky day, dragon. I'm in a bad mood." Nero's arm surged with energy.

Chapter 3 (Dante)Edit

After a brutal clash, Nero managed to repel the elder dragon—and that was when he realized, "You didn't just happen to be passing by, did you? What do you want?" The woman gave him a name. With a grave expression on his face, Nero called for his partner.

"I got questions for you." Nero had finally found him — the man who knew who took his arm. But he was defiant, and refused to talk. "You don't wanna talk? Fine, then I'll beat it out of you." Nero's right arm gave off a bright glow of energy.

"Did you get it all out of your system?" said the man, admonishing Nero for his temper. "The Lad of Illusions. That's where the guy who took your arm said he was going." Having finally got a lead, Nero's gaze lingered on his mechanical arm. It wouldn't be long now.

Nero didn't want to get anyone else involved in his grudge match, but it seemed Nico felt like it was her responsability to see the craftsmanship of the arm she'd given him in action. "All right, it's time to collect. Keep your eyes on the road, Nico!"


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