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Match StartEdit

  • I'm taking you down.
  • Get in my way and I'll crush you.
  • I've got some cleaning up to do.

When using an Action CardEdit

  • Bingo!
  • My turn now!
  • Say your prayers!

Hero ArtsEdit

When the Hero Art is readyEdit

  • Let's get airborne!

Using the Hero ArtEdit

  • Oh yeah! Watch this! (True Power)
  • You're up, Nico. What the hell's your problem? You trying to kill me? (Hey, Nico!)

Match WonEdit

  • I'm really getting the hang of this new toy.

Being at an advantageEdit

  • I'm the one with power!

Match LostEdit

  • While you're talking, I'm still fighting!

Being at a disadvantageEdit

  • I'm not done!

Main MenuEdit

  • Woo! I'm bringing the party!
  • I can take you with no arms.
  • I'm starving. Bring me a pizza!
  • Best thing about humans... is that we never give up.
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