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Monster Hunter is an RPG franchise.


Monster Hunter World main visual

Rathalos in the cover for Monster Hunter: World.

The first game in the series released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, simply titled "Monster Hunter". The latest major title in the series was Monster Hunter: World, released in 2018. An updated version of this game, titled Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, released in 2019.

Please see the Monster Hunter Wiki for further information about the series.

Monster Hunter in TEPPENEdit



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Rathalos first appeared in Monster Hunter.



Nergigante first appeared in Monster Hunter: World.

Nergigante's theme in TEPPEN is a remix of the Monster Hunter: World track titled "Even Elder Dragons Tremble - Nergigante":

Hero ArtsEdit

Name Image Notes
Dive Attack Dive Attack N/A
Wrath Awoken Wrath Awoken N/A
Blazing Wall Blazing Wall N/A
Spike Divebomb Spike Divebomb N/A
Spike Launch Spike Launch N/A
Change Form Change Form N/A


Basic CardsEdit

Name Image Notes
Diablos (NERO 006) Nero006 N/A
Teostra (JILL 006) Jill006 N/A
Zinogre (RATHALOS 007) Rathalos007 N/A
Rathalos (RATHALOS 008) Rathalos008 N/A
Rathalos (RATHALOS 008, Secret) Rathalos008 sct N/A
Barioth (RATHALOS 001) Rathalos001 N/A
Rathian (RATHALOS 005) Rathalos005 N/A
Piercing Sword (RATHALOS 013) Rathalos013 N/A
Supercharge (RATHALOS 012) Rathalos012 N/A
Freezing Fangs (RATHALOS 009) Rathalos009 N/A
Fire Wyvern's Roar (RATHALOS 010) Rathalos010 N/A
Strength in Numbers (RATHALOS 011) Rathalos011 N/A
Yian Kut-Ku (X 003) X003 N/A
Felyne (CHUN-LI 003) Chun-li003 N/A
Arzuros (CHUN-LI 002) Chun-li002 N/A
Nargacuga (MORRIGAN 005) Morrigan005 N/A
Tigrex (DANTE 003) Dante003 N/A
Vaal Hazak (NERGIGANTE 007) Nergigante007 N/A
Nergigante (NERGIGANTE 008) Nergigante008 N/A
Anjanath (NERGIGANTE 001) Nergigante001 N/A
Radobaan (NERGIGANTE 005) Nergigante005 N/A
Dragon of Ruin (NERGIGANTE 013) Nergigante013 N/A
Bloodshot Eyes (NERGIGANTE 012) Nergigante012 N/A
Gathering Effluvium (NERGIGANTE 009) Nergigante009 N/A
Demondrug (NERGIGANTE 010) Nergigante010 N/A
Murderous Spikes (NERGIGANTE 011) Nergigante011 N/A
Bazelgeuse (AKUMA 005) Akuma005 N/A
Great Girros (AKUMA 003) Akuma003 N/A
Najarala (FELYNE 007) Felyne007 N/A
Felyne (FELYNE 008) Felyne008 N/A
Felyne (FELYNE 008, Secret) Felyne008 sct N/A
Kairasa (FELYNE 005) Felyne005 N/A
Royal Ludroth (FELYNE 006) Felyne006 N/A
Great Jaggi (FELYNE 002) Felyne002 N/A
Qurupeco (FELYNE 004) Felyne004 N/A
Wayfarer's Resolve (FELYNE 013) Felyne013 N/A
Proof of Friendship (FELYNE 012) Felyne012 N/A
Exploding Lightning Rod (FELYNE 009) Felyne009 N/A
Excessive Provocation (FELYNE 010) Felyne010 N/A
Desperate Restraint (FELYNE 011) Felyne011 N/A

Core Card PackEdit

Name Image Notes
Dreadking Rathalos (COR 026) Cor026 N/A
Dreadking Rathalos (COR 026, Secret) Cor026 sct N/A
Lagiacrus (COR 015) Cor015 N/A
Zinogre (COR 016) Cor016 N/A
Tobi-Kadachi (COR 004) Cor004 N/A
Velocidrome (COR 005) Cor005 N/A
Volvidon (COR 006) Cor006 N/A
Rathian (COR 007) Cor007 N/A
Dragonlord's Judgment (COR 044) Cor044 N/A
Sneak Attack (COR 035) Cor035 N/A
Sneak Attack (COR 035, Secret) Cor035 sct N/A
Barrel Bomb (COR 028) Cor028 N/A
Tzitzi-Ya-ku (COR 060) Cor060 N/A
Rajang (COR 066) Cor066 N/A
Great Jaggi (COR 050) Cor050 N/A
Jaggi (T001) T001 N/A
Qurupeco (COR 051) Cor051 N/A
Felyne (COR 052) Cor052 N/A
Uragaan (COR 053) Cor053 N/A
Roaring Typhoon (COR 089) Cor089 N/A
Leader's Summons (COR 083) Cor083 N/A
Raging Dust Cloud (COR 073) Cor073 N/A
Honey (COR 075) Cor075 N/A
Healing Dance (COR 077) Cor077 N/A
Xeno'jiiva (COR 111) Cor111 N/A
Xeno'jiiva (COR 111, Secret) Cor111 sct N/A
Nerscylla (COR 104) Cor104 N/A
Great Baggi (COR 093) Cor093 N/A
Gypceros (COR 094) Cor094 N/A
Dung Bomb (COR 122) Cor122 N/A
Spreading Poison (COR 124) Cor124 N/A
Legend-Eater Nergigante (COR 161) Cor161 N/A
Legend-Eater Nergigante (COR 161, Secret) Cor161 sct N/A
Deviljho (COR 150) Cor150 N/A
Great Girros (COR 137) Cor137 N/A
Radobaan (COR 138) Cor138 N/A
Selfish Predation (COR 173) Cor173 N/A
Selfish Predation (COR 173, Secret) Cor173 sct N/A
Dead Meat Hunting (COR 163) Cor163 N/A
Destructive Instinct (COR 167) Cor167 N/A
Super Nova (T014) T014 N/A
Spillover (T017) T017 N/A


Name Image Notes
Shield (T012) T012 N/A
Teostra, Infernal King (DON 017) Don017 N/A
Kirin (DON 013) Don013 N/A
Agnaktor (DON 009) Don009 N/A
Seregios (DON 010) Don010 N/A
Velocidrome (DON 002) Don002 N/A
Bladescale Storm (DON 021) Don021 N/A
Lightning Bolt (DON 019) Don019 N/A
Kushala Daora, The Storm (DON 042) Don042 N/A
Kulu-Ya-Ku (DON 028) Don028 N/A
Outnumbered (DON 043) Don043 N/A
Tigrex (DON 062) Don062 N/A
Pitfall Trap (DON 072) Don072 N/A
Bazelgeuse (DON 087) Don087 N/A
Anjanath (DON 078) Don078 N/A
Scavenger (DON 097) Don097 N/A

The Devils AwakenEdit

Name Image Notes
Barioth (TDA 015) Tda015 N/A
Gravios (TDA 009) Tda009 N/A
Bulldrome (TDA 004) Tda004 N/A
Full Potential (TDA 022) Tda022 N/A
Fury (TDA 024) Tda024 N/A
Cruel Survival Instinct (TDA 018) Tda018 N/A
Desert Tyrant Diablos (TDA 042) Tda042 N/A
Shagaru Magala (TDA 038) Tda038 N/A
Jyuratodus (TDA 028) Tda028 N/A
Basarios (TDA 029) Tda029 N/A
Wind Armor (TDA 047) Tda047 N/A
Lifepowder (TDA 044) Tda044 N/A
Lifepowder (TDA 044, Secret) Tda044 N/A
Amatsu (TDA 064) Tda064 N/A
Pukei-Pukei (TDA 060) Tda060 N/A
Gigginox (TDA 055) Tda055 N/A
Kecha Wacha (TDA 056) Tda056 N/A
The Road to Maturity (TDA 069) Tda069 N/A
Tainted King Vaal Hazak (TDA 092) Tda092 N/A
Tainted King Vaal Hazak (TDA 092, Secret) Tda092 sct N/A
Dalamadur (TDA 088) Tda088 N/A
Gore Magala (TDA 084) Tda084 N/A
Odogaron (TDA 077) Tda077 N/A
The Cornered Rat's Bite (TDA 093) Tda093 N/A
Merciless Bombardment (TDA 095) Tda095 N/A

The Force SeekersEdit

Name Image Notes
Lunastra (TFS 014) Tfs014 N/A
Hellflare (T042) T042 N/A
Valstrax (TFS 015) Tfs015 N/A
Akantor (TFS 009) Tfs009 N/A
Gendrome (TFS 004) Tfs004 N/A
Genprey (T040) T040 N/A
Wicked Flames of Hatred (TFS 022) Tfs022 N/A
Catalyst (TFS 020) Tfs020 N/A
Brachydios (TFS 038) Tfs038 N/A
Legiana (TFS 035) Tfs035 N/A
Barroth (TFS 027) Tfs027 N/A
Natural Cycle (TFS 050) Tfs050 N/A
Cunning Misdirection (TFS 047) Tfs047 N/A
Sky's Rebellion (TFS 044) Tfs044 N/A
Golden Lady Kulve Taroth (TFS 067) Tfs067 N/A
Paolumu (TFS 059) Tfs059 N/A
Great Jagras (TFS 054) Tfs054 N/A
Quicksand (TFS 073) Tfs073 N/A
Lava Armor (TFS 071) Tfs071 N/A
Deviljho (TFS 088) Tfs088 N/A
Second Wind (TFS 096) Tfs096 N/A
Starvation Impulse (TFS 093) Tfs093 N/A

Haunted by MemoriesEdit

Name Image Notes
Glavenus (HBM 004) Hbm004 N/A
Turf War (HBM 024) Hbm024 N/A
Diablos (HBM 035) Hbm035 N/A
Yian Kut-Ku (HBM 027) Hbm027 N/A
Daimyo Hermitaur (HBM 028) Hbm028 N/A
Gammoth (HBM 029) Hbm029 N/A
Ironic Fate (HBM 041) Hbm041 N/A
The Better Part of Valor (HBM 043) Hbm043 N/A
Elderfrost Fury (HBM 044) Hbm044 N/A
Blade-Shattering Defense (HBM 038) Hbm038 N/A
Shattered Horn (HBM 040) Hbm040 N/A
Mizutsune (HBM 060) Hbm060 N/A
Shogun Ceanataur (HBM 051) Hbm051 N/A
Tigrex (HBM 053) Hbm053 N/A
Cold Front (HBM 073) Hbm073 N/A
Secret of Clairvoyance (HBM 069) Hbm069 N/A
Armor Shredder Technique (HBM 070) Hbm070 N/A
Unforeseen Destruction (HBM 066) Hbm066 N/A
Astalos (HBM 082) Hbm082 N/A
Astalos (HBM 082, Secret) Hbm082 sct N/A
Boltreaver's Valor (HBM 100) Hbm100 N/A
Bloodbath Frenzy (HBM 096) Hbm096 N/A

Adventures of a Tiny HeroEdit

Name Image Notes
Dreadqueen Rathian (ATH 016) Ath016 N/A
Akantor (ATH 014) Ath014 N/A
Banbaro (ATH 008) Ath008 N/A
Congalala (ATH 009) Ath009 N/A
Great Wroggi (ATH 004) Ath004 N/A
Volvidon (ATH 005) Ath005 N/A
Furious Salvo (ATH 023) Ath023 N/A
Unexpected Assault (ATH 024) Ath024 N/A
Riding the Giant Weapon (ATH 021) Ath021 N/A
Wild Woman's Weapon (ATH 022) Ath022 N/A
Head Chopper (ATH 018) Ath018 N/A
Coordinated Fire (ATH 019) Ath019 N/A
Conga Power (ATH 020) Ath020 N/A
Curious Cat Felyne (ATH 041) Ath041 N/A
Curious Cat Felyne (ATH 041, Secret) Ath041 sct N/A
Shara Ishvalda (ATH 040) Ath040 N/A
Grimalkyne (ATH 036) Ath036 N/A
The Trinity (ATH 050) Ath050 N/A
Glare of Contempt (ATH 048) Ath048 N/A
Ivy Trap Teamwork (ATH 049) Ath049 N/A
Sympathy (ATH 046) Ath046 N/A
Errant Banana (ATH 047) Ath047 N/A
Errant Banana (ATH 047), Secret Ath047 N/A
Human Engineering (ATH 043) Ath043 N/A
Sturdy Sounder (ATH 044) Ath044 N/A
Bombast (ATH 045) Ath045 N/A
Blossoms of Ice Velkhana (ATH 066) Ath066 N/A
Kulve Taroth (ATH 062) Ath062 N/A
Namielle (ATH 064) Ath064 N/A
Beotodus (ATH 054) Ath054 N/A
Melynx (ATH 055) Ath055 N/A
Melynx (ATH 055, Secret) Ath055 sct N/A
Earth Mother's Magnetism (ATH 075) Ath075 N/A
Uncanny Chill (ATH 073) Ath073 N/A
Witch of the Abyss (ATH 074) Ath074 N/A
Checkmate (ATH 071) Ath071 N/A
Floor Trap (ATH 072) Ath072 N/A
Wounded Heart (ATH 068) Ath068 N/A
Not So Fast (ATH 069) Ath069 N/A
Giga Hammer (ATH 070) Ath070 N/A
Black Crown Morudomunto (ATH 091) Ath091 N/A
Odogaron (ATH 087) Ath087 N/A
Zamtrios (ATH 085) Ath085 N/A
Great Girros (ATH 076) Ath076 N/A
Anjanath (ATH 080) Ath080 N/A
Return of the Heretics (ATH 100) Ath100 N/A
Death's Executioner (ATH 098) Ath098 N/A
Black Crown's Madness (ATH 099) Ath099 N/A
Hidden Parasite (ATH 097) Ath097 N/A
Cursed Choice (ATH 093) Ath093 N/A
Predation (ATH 094) Ath094 N/A
Gathering Malice (ATH 095) Ath095 N/A


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