The Missions tab as seen during the Version 2.8 Update.

The Missions in TEPPEN are conditions players can clear to gain rewards such as Cards, Souls, Zenny, Pack Tickets, among other items.


Currently, the following types of missions exist:

All mission types are available to players by default with the exception of Season Pass Missions which can only be acquired by purchasing the Season Pass with Jewels, the premium currency.

Secret Cards[]

Some Secret Cards can only be acquired by completing Season Pass Missions. Every season a player is able to obtain a total of three copies of the current Secret Card which is the card limit for duplicates within a Deck.

In some cases, a Secret Card can be available again during a future season, as was the case for Unleashed (DON 022, Secret).

Below is a list of these exclusive Secret Cards:


Missions (Daily Missions · Ranked Match Missions · Achievements · Season Pass Missions)