10 Mirage Particles

The MP gauge is present at the bottom of the screen, while the opponent's is only ever shown during an Active Response.

MP, known as "Mirage Particles"[1] and nicknamed as "mana" by the community, are the points required to use the Cards in TEPPEN.

There are two types of MPs in TEPPEN, the default MP is the orange-colored one that passively fills up as time goes by, while AMP, the light blue-colored one, is only ever spawned during the Active Response, and it will also vanish when the Active Response ends. The MP gauge is present at all times at the bottom of the screen (self) while the opponet's is only ever shown during an Active Response, where it can be seen at the top right of the screen.

Players can change their maximum amount of MP based on the Deck they have built, if there is more than one Element (color) present on a Deck, the maximum MP can be limited to 5, 3, or 0, depending on the amount of different colors.

There are several Cards and even Hero Arts which can change the MP of a player. Notable examples are:

  • Silent Assassin Gen (TFS 066) - This card can lower the maximum amount of MP of a player by -2.
  • Yawn - The Unit Card targeted by this Hero Art will give the Chun-Li player +4 MP upon leaving the field, this can also be triggered via an ability such as Ascended.
  • Zombie (COR 141), Zombie (COR 141, Secret), Juni (TFS 081), etc. - Upon being killed, these cards will give the player +1 MP.
  • Any card with MP Boost - These cards will boost the speed of the MP accumulation of the player so long as they are on the field and not Sealed. While MP Boost is active, the MP gauge will turn from orange to a light yellow color.



  1. GLOSSARY (FAQ) | TEPPEN -Official Site- - "MP (Mirage Particles)", MP is expended when you play a card. MP accumulates over time.
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