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Mega Man, known as Rockman in Japan, is an action franchise known for its platform video games.


Mega Man 11 main visual

Mega Man in the cover of Mega Man 11.

The first game in the series released in 1987 for the NES, simply titled Mega Man (Rockman in Japan). There are over 100 titles of the series release for multiple different platforms.

Within the franchise, there is the series of games known as Mega Man X (Rockman X in Japan), which follows a different storyline and characters. The Mega Man X series is the one currently represented in TEPPEN instead of the original Mega Man series.

Please see the Mega Man Wiki for further information about the series.

Mega Man in TEPPENEdit




X first appeared in Mega Man X which was released on the SNES in 1993.

X's voice actors are Ted Sroka and Takahiro Sakurai in the English and Japanese versions respectively.

X's theme in TEPPEN seems to be a remix of the Mega Man X4 track titled "OPENING STAGE X":



Zero first appeared as a non-playable character in Mega Man X which was released on the SNES in 1993.

His English voice actor is Johnny Yong Bosch, who also voiced Nero's English lines in TEPPEN.

His theme is a remix of his theme in Mega Man X2.

Hero ArtsEdit

Name Image Notes
Heart Tank Heart Tank N/A
Charge Shot Charge Shot N/A
Gaea Armor Gaea Armor N/A
Fight Against Inner Demons Fight Against Inner Demons N/A
Rakuhouha Rakuhouha N/A
Tenkuuha Tenkuuha N/A


Basic CardsEdit

Name Image Notes
Pallette (NERO 004) Nero004 N/A
Signas (JILL 002) Jill002 N/A
Colonel (RATHALOS 002) Rathalos002 N/A
Iris (X 007) X007 N/A
X (X 008) X008 N/A
X (X 008, Secret) X008 sct N/A
Alia (X 005) X005 N/A
Metall C-15 (X 001) X001 N/A
Paradox (X 013) X013 N/A
First Aid (X 012) X012 N/A
Secure Supply Route (X 009) X009 N/A
Supply (X 010) X010 N/A
Sibling Memories (X 011) X011 N/A
Zero (MORRIGAN 006) Morrigan006 N/A
Lumine (DANTE 002) Dante002 N/A
Vile (WESKER 006) Wesker006 N/A
Isoc (NERGIGANTE 002) Nergigante002 N/A
High Max (AKUMA 006) Akuma006 N/A
Maverick (T048) T048 N/A
Maverick Hunter (T049) T049 N/A
Blast Hornet (ZERO 007) Zero007 N/A
Zero (ZERO 008) Zero008 N/A
Dark Necrobat (ZERO 005) Zero005 N/A
Stygian Bat (T054) Zero003 N/A
Magna Centipede (ZERO 002) Zero002 N/A
Batton Bone (ZERO 003) Zero003 N/A
SA-Class Prowess (ZERO 013) Zero013 N/A
Accelerated Thought (ZERO 012) Zero012 N/A
Repairs (ZERO 009) Zero009 N/A
Z-Saber (ZERO 010) Zero010 N/A
Systems Offline (ZERO 011) Zero011 N/A

Core Card PackEdit

Name Image Notes
Colonel (COR 022) Cor022 N/A
Storm Eagle (COR 017) Cor017 N/A
Neon Tiger (COR 018) Cor018 N/A
Axl (COR 003) Cor003 N/A
Overdrive Ostrich (COR 009) Cor009 N/A
Flame Stag (COR 010) Cor010 N/A
Gun Volt (COR 011) Cor011 N/A
Attack From Above (COR 042) Cor042 N/A
Storm Tornado (COR 037) Cor037 N/A
Storm Tornado (COR 037, Secret) Cor037 N/A
Sense of Duty (COR 033) Cor033 N/A
Advanced Artifact X (COR 070) Cor070 N/A
Advanced Artifact X (COR 070, Secret) Cor070 sct N/A
Iris (COR 067) Cor067 N/A
Crescent Grizzly (COR 061) Cor061 N/A
Metall C-15 (COR 046) Cor046 N/A
Hoganmer (COR 054) Cor054 N/A
Bubble Crab (COR 055) Cor055 N/A
Armored Armadillo (COR 056) Cor056 N/A
Emergency Strike (COR 085) Cor085 N/A
Overwhelming Force (COR 086) Cor086 N/A
Emergency Aid (COR 082) Cor082 N/A
Disarm (COR 074) Cor074 N/A
Disarm (COR 074, Secret) Cor074 sct N/A
Boomer Kuwanger (COR 105) Cor105 N/A
Web Spider (COR 106) Cor106 N/A
Ladder Yadder (COR 095) Cor095 N/A
Brainwashed (COR 135) Cor135 N/A
Dark Hold (COR 131) Cor131 N/A
Fake Intel (COR 118) Cor118 N/A
Erased Memories (COR 120) Cor120 N/A
Crystal Hunter (COR 121) Cor121 N/A
Vile (COR 157) Cor157 N/A
Wheel Gator (COR 139) Cor139 N/A
Raiden Killer (COR 140) Cor140 N/A
Dynamo (COR 143) Cor143 N/A
Possessing Malice (COR 177) Cor177 N/A
Forced Revival (COR 162) Cor162 N/A
Cruel Game (COR 169) Cor169 N/A


Name Image Notes
Agility (T016) T016 N/A
Chimera Ride Armor (T018) T018 N/A
Detonation (T010) T010 N/A
Burn Rooster (DON 011) Don011 N/A
Metal Wing (DON 004) Don004 N/A
Slash Beast (DON 005) Don005 N/A
Unbreakable Bond (DON 024) Don024 N/A
General, Reploid Leader (DON 041) Don041 N/A
Repliforce (T019) T019 N/A
Alia (DON 038) Don038 N/A
Alia (DON 038, Secret) Don038 sct N/A
Layer (DON 034) Don034 N/A
Armor Soldier (DON 035) Don035 N/A
A-Trans (DON 050) Don050 N/A
Auto-Heal (DON 048) Don048 N/A
Sting Chameleon (DON 059) Don059 N/A
New-Generation Reploids (DON 074) Don074 N/A
Vile MK-II (DON 088) Don088 N/A
High Max (DON 086) Don086 N/A
Burn Dinorex (DON 077) Don077 N/A
Rebirth (DON 099) Don099 N/A

The Devils AwakenEdit

Name Image Notes
Torchbearer Axl (TDA 017) Tda017 N/A
Chill Penguin (TDA 011) Tda011 N/A
Chill Penguin (TDA 011, Secret) Tda011 sct N/A
Thunder Slimer (TDA 006) Tda006 N/A
Godkarmachine O Inary (TDA 039) Tda039 N/A
Blizzard Buffalo (TDA 034) Tda034 N/A
Ground Scaravich (TDA 036) Tda036 N/A
Mole Bore (TDA 026) Tda026 N/A
RT-55J (TDA 031) Tda031 N/A
17th Elite Unit (TDA 049) Tda049 N/A
Defensive Field (TDA 043) Tda043 N/A
Lumine (TDA 065) Tda065 N/A
Lumine (TDA 065, Secret) Tda065 sct N/A
Morph Moth (TDA 061) Tda061 N/A
Dynamo (TDA 089) Tda089 N/A
Double (TDA 085) Tda085 N/A
Animosity (TDA 094) Tda094 N/A

The Force SeekersEdit

Name Image Notes
Infernal Magma Dragoon (TFS 017) Tfs017 N/A
Blizzard Wolfang (TFS 010) Tfs010 N/A
Trauma (T044) T044 N/A
Spiral Pegasus (TFS 005) Tfs005 N/A
Mega Tortoise (TFS 006) Tfs006 N/A
Disloyal Follower (TFS 025) Tfs025 N/A
Full-Power Punch (TFS 021) Tfs021 N/A
Rainy Turtloid (TFS 040) Tfs040 N/A
Blaze Heatnix (TFS 036) Tfs036 N/A
Crusher (TFS 029) Tfs029 N/A
Sky's Rebellion (TFS 044) Tfs044 N/A
Nightmare Mother (TFS 060) Tfs060 N/A
Merciless Destroyer Vile (TFS 092) Tfs092 N/A
High Max (TFS 090) Tfs090 N/A
Gate (TFS 086) Tfs086 N/A
Pleasure in Destruction (TFS 097) Tfs097 N/A

Haunted by MemoriesEdit

Name Image Notes
Red (HBM 009) Hbm009 N/A
Bit (HBM 006) Hbm006 N/A
Overdrive Ostrich (HBM 008) Hbm008 N/A
Faithful Brother (HBM 016) Hbm016 N/A
7th Airborne Unit (HBM 018) Hbm018 N/A
Tag Team (HBM 015) Hbm015 N/A
X (HBM 026) Hbm026 N/A
X (HBM 026, Secret) Hbm026 sct N/A
Iris (HBM 030) Hbm030 N/A
Hope for the Future (HBM 049) Hbm049 N/A
Lightning Fast (HBM 045) Hbm045 N/A
Beautiful Romance (HBM 047) Hbm047 N/A
Ally's Consolation (HBM 037) Hbm037 N/A
Fusion (HBM 039) Hbm039 N/A
Hidden Threat Zero (HBM 061) Hbm061 N/A
Metal Shark Player (HBM 056) Hbm056 N/A
Necro-Centipede (T053) Zero002 N/A
Serges (HBM 057) Hbm057 N/A
X-Hunters (HBM 075) Hbm075 N/A
Cruel Mind Serges (T050) T050 N/A
Dark Blade Agile (T051) T051 N/A
Wrecking Ball Violen (T052) T052 N/A
Maverick's Memories (HBM 076) Hbm076 N/A
Loss of Meaning (HBM 072) Hbm072 N/A
Civilization Rebel Sigma (HBM 087) Hbm087 N/A
Gate (HBM 083) Hbm083 N/A
Velguarder (HBM 078) Hbm078 N/A
Rebel's Memories (HBM 101) Hbm101 N/A
Warped Research Instinct (HBM 094) Hbm094 N/A
Destruction's Demand (HBM 088) Hbm088 N/A

Adventures of a Tiny HeroEdit

Name Image Notes
Flame Hyenard (ATH 015) Ath015 N/A
Chill Penguin (ATH 010) Ath010 N/A
Cannon Driver (ATH 006) Ath006 N/A
Riding the Giant Weapon (ATH 021) Ath021 N/A
Crescent Grizzly (ATH 037) Ath037 N/A
Bamboo Pandamonium (ATH 033) Ath033 N/A
Snow Slider (ATH 029) Ath029 N/A
Rush Roader (ATH 031) Ath031 N/A
Frost Walrus (ATH 063) Ath063 N/A
Uncanny Chill (ATH 073) Ath073 N/A


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