All Heroes in TEPPEN as of the Version 3.1 Update.

The Heroes (ヒーロー Hīrō?) are the main playable characters in TEPPEN, each have three different Hero Arts.

When creating a Deck, only one Hero can be selected. All Heroes are set to one Element which cannot be changed, but players may still create a deck with cards of a different element. Heroes can be further customized via the selection of Hero Skins, though this does not change how the Hero behaves during a match.

New Heroes were periodically added via expansions which were usually tied to the Hero's game series. Every Hero could be played as soon as they were released with no additional purchase, they each come with their own set of Basic Cards and "default deck" which are also unlocked by default, though the Hero Arts must be unlocked via leveling. All of them also have their own Hero Story.

Since the Ace vs. The People expansion, no new Heroes have been released.

Hero List[]

Currently, there are a total of 16 Heroes.


Name Image Information Hero Arts
Amaterasu thumb.png
Series: Ōkami
After a hundred years of slumber, the divine guardian—who once saved the land of Amatsu no Kuni—returns to defend mankind from evil. Joined by her loudmouthed partner, the goddess embarks on a journey to purge the darkness.
Great Divine Intervention
Thunder Edge
Celestial Envoy's Miracle
Jill Valentine
Jill thumb.png
Series: Resident Evil
Jill was part of a special operations task force that was taken down by a traitor within its ranks. She sets out after the traitor and the association behind the incident, but it leads to the creation of an all-new nightmare.
Ultimate Weapon
Antibody Activation
Ryu thumb.png
Series: Street Fighter
A naturally gifted fighter who developed a unique style while training to become the strongest warrior he can be. While traveling the world in search of worthy opponents, a dark power awakened within him.
Shinku Hadoken
Denjin Renki
Metsu Shoryuken
Rathalos thumb.png
Series: Monster Hunter
A terrible wyvern nicknamed the "King of the Skies" that rules over the volcanic region of the mainland. However, even the King of the Skies cannot avoid the shadow of death.
Dive Attack
Wrath Awoken
Blazing Wall


Name Image Information Hero Arts
Felyne thumb.png
Series: Monster Hunter
Brimming with curiosity, the catlike Felyne resided peacefully in a forest village—until he lost everything.Distraught at his frailty, he sets out on a journey to gain the power to protect.
Coral Orchestra
Nero thumb.png
Series: Devil May Cry
A young hunter of demons. Though his demonic right arm was taken from him, the creation of a prosthetic weapon, the Devil Breaker, allowed him to get back into action. A new battle to regain his power and pride awaits.
Devil Breaker
True Power
Hey, Nico!
X thumb.png
Series: Mega Man
A robot that has survived the test of time and awakened in the present, living proof of an advanced civilization from a past age. In an unfamiliar world, the only certainty is his mission.
Heart Tank
Charge Shot
Gaea Armor
Chun-Li thumb.png
Series: Street Fighter
A former detective who sought for clues about her missing father while fighting to annihilate an evil crime syndicate. Though retired, evil powers are attempting to lure her back into the battle.


Name Image Information Hero Arts
Ada Wong
Ada thumb.png
Series: Resident Evil
An elusive spy whose intentions and true identity remain a mystery. She carries out her work with an almost clinical detachment. Having cast off her black robe, she appears before the heroes as her secret plan enters its final stage.
Mirage Decoy
Break Away
Zero thumb.png
Series: Mega Man
A Maverick Hunter devoted to justice, Zero served during the resplendent age of civilization. Bitter memories suddenly flash through his mind, revealing his true nature. Now he sets out to carve a new path toward destiny.
Fight Against Inner Demons
Morrigan Aensland
Morrigan thumb.png
Series: Darkstalkers
The beautiful empress of the demon world who inherited the throne from her late adoptive father. She was fed up with everyday life, but the allure of a thrilling adventure is on the horizon.
Darkness Illusion
Shadow Blade
Dante thumb.png
Series: Devil May Cry
An audacious devil hunter who fronts as a mercenary. The wheels of destiny have started turning for this egotistical man, trying to warp his fate once again.
Ebony & Ivory
Devil Trigger


Name Image Information Hero Arts
Oichi thumb.png
Series: Sengoku BASARA
Surpressing the memory of losing everything dear to her, this amnesiac wanders through Amatsu no Kuni. The sealed memories of her beloved's embrace lead her into battle, with the false priestess at her side.
Dancing Dead
Despair, wail, and perish!
Dark Invitation
Akuma thumb.png
Series: Street Fighter
A solitary fighter who wields demonic strength, having slain his master to gain the power of the Satsui no Hado. He craves a meaningful battle to the death, and wanders in search of a powerful challenger who can defeat him.
Raging Demon
Sekia Kuretsuha
Ashura Senku
Albert Wesker
Wesker thumb.png
Series: Resident Evil
Known for his medical breakthroughs at a large corporation, Wesker was also secretly developing biological weapons. He works in the shadows to accomplish his mission, ensuring nobody else will iscover his secret.
Dark Destruction
Bringer of Nightmares
Nergigante thumb.png
Series: Monster Hunter
An obsidian cataclysm that strikes the continent once in a decade. Its true identity is a monstrous creature that can devour even the elder dragons. And now, the monster is about to awaken, driven only by its instincts...and its hunger.
Spike Divebomb
Spike Launch
Change Form

Hero List by Release Date[]

Below is a list of Heroes based on their release dates:

The following Heroes were available with the game on release date:

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