Dante's Ebony & Ivory.

A Hero Art (ヒーローアーツ Hīrō Ātsu?) is a special move unique to a Hero.


Each Hero has a total of three Hero Arts. Players can only select one Hero Art when creating a Deck, and they can only be used when enough AP is available (AP is gained via the usage of cards).

Once a Hero Art has been started, it cannot be interrupted. The attack gauge of Unit Cards of both players are also paused and no cards can be used during the animation. After performing a Hero Art, players must wait 15 seconds before performing it again. There are some rare exceptions that can nullify this cooldown, as is the case with Rathalos-Kin Mary (DOW 014).

In terms of Hero Skins, the animation of the Hero Art will be changed to reflect the equipped skin. As of the expansion titled The Force Seekers, Hero Skins can completely change the animation and the name of the art, however, no skin will change the effects or AP cost of a Hero Art.

List of Hero Arts[]

Below is a list of all Hero Arts in TEPPEN:


Name Effect AP Image
Great Divine Intervention Give all friendly units +2 HP.
Deal 3 damage to all enemy units.
Any unit destroyed by this damage is removed from the game. This will not trigger Death Abilities.
23 Great Divine Intervention.jpg
Thunder Edge Give 1 friendly unit +1 Attack and <Agility>. 16 Thunder Edge.jpg
Celestial Envoy's Miracle Your Hero gains "All friendly red units gain +1 Attack." 20 Celestial Envoy's Miracle.jpg
Ultimate Weapon / Bonds of Trust Explore for Rocket Launcher / Kaiser Breath and give it -1 MP. 16 Ultimate Weapon.jpg
Genesis / Charm Add 2 random cards from among all cards you have obtained with Explore this battle to the EX Pocket. Give those cards -1 MP. (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)
(If only 1 card has been found through Explore, only 1 card will be added to the EX Pocket.)
17 Genesis.jpg
Antibody Activation / Meditation If your Explore Count is 3 or higher, give 1 friendly unit +1/+3 and <Shield>. 15 Antibody Activation.jpg
Shinku Hadoken / Metsu Hadoken Deal 7 damage to 1 enemy unit. 20 Shinku Hadoken.jpg
Denjin Renki / Torrent of Hado Give all of your Action Cards and Unit Cards effect damage +1. (This Hero Art effect does not stack.) 15 Denjin Renki.jpg
Metsu Shoryuken / Messatsu Goshoryu Give 1 friendly unit <Combo>. 12 Metsu Shoryuken.jpg
Dive Attack Give all friendly units +2 Attack. 19 Dive Attack.jpg
Wrath Awoken Give 1 friendly unit <Flight> and +X Attack, where X is the number of times Action Cards were used to increase a unit's Attack. (Maximum value for X is 3.) 22 Wrath Awoken.jpg
Blazing Wall Give 1 friendly unit +2 HP and <Shield>. 14 Blazing Wall.jpg


Name Effect AP Image
Shieldspire Give 1 friendly unit +3 HP and "Reduce damage taken of 3 or less to 1." 14 Shieldspire.jpg
Coral Orchestra Select 1 friendly unit.
All units in your hand and EX Pocket that are the same Tribe as the selected units get -1 MP.
16 Coral Orchestra.jpg
Plunderblade Steal 1 random card from your opponent's deck and add it to your EX Pocket. 12 Plunderblade.jpg
Devil Breaker / Cross Stinger Assault Give 1 friendly unit "Gain +3 Attack," <Crush>, and <Spillover>. (Each effective for 1 attack.) 15 Devil Breaker.jpg
True Power / Delta Drive Increase the level of 1 friendly unit with <Growth> by 1. 12 True Power.jpg
Hey, Nico! / A Promise to Keep Randomly add 1 Gerbera / Cannon Strike, Ragtime / Fatal Leg Twister, or Tomboy / Quick Spin Knuckle to your EX Pocket. 16 Hey, Nico!.jpg
Heart Tank Give 1 friendly unit +7 HP.
Your Hero gains +4 Life.
17 Heart Tank.jpg
Charge Shot Give all friendly units "When HP is boosted: Gain +1 Attack." (This effect does not stack.) 21 Charge Shot.jpg
Gaea Armor Give all friendly units <Veil>. 21 Gaea Armor.jpg
Kikosho / Attorney's Badge Give all friendly units <Shield>. 14 Kikosho.jpg
Hyakuretsukyaku / Objection! Give 1 friendly unit +1 Attack and <Heavy Pierce>. 13 Hyakuretsukyaku.jpg
Yawn / Turnabout Sisters Give 1 friendly unit "Gain +4 MP when leaving the field." (This effect does not stack.) 20 Yawn.jpg


Name Effect AP Image
Blackout Remove 1 enemy unit with 3 or less Attack from the game. 20 Blackout.jpg
Mirage Decoy Lock all of your empty board slots for 10 seconds, then return all enemy units with an MP cost equal to or less than the number of board slots that were inflicted with Lock +2 to the deck. 24 Mirage Decoy.jpg
Break Away Return 1 friendly purple unit to your EX Pocket and give it -2 MP. (MP costs cannot fall below 1.)
Other than the unit returned, place 1 random purple unit in the EX Pocket onto the field.
16 Break Away.jpg
Fight Against Inner Demons Add a Maverick or Maverick Hunter randomly to the EX Pocket. 14 Fight Against Inner Demons.jpg
Rakuhouha Deal 4 damage split among all enemy units.
<Memory>: 4
Deal 7 damage split among enemy units instead.
<Memory>: 10
Deal 12 damage split among enemy units instead.
22 Rakuhouha.jpg
Tenkuuha Give 1 friendly unit +2 Attack and <Combo>. (Effective for 1 attack.) 18 Tenkuuha.jpg
Temptation / Sweet Seduction Halt all enemy units for 13 seconds. 23 Temptation.jpg
Darkness Illusion / Phantasm Dance Destroy all enemy units inflicted with Halt. 22 Darkness Illusion.jpg
Shadow Blade / Bloodblossom Blade Deal 5 damage to 1 enemy unit.
If that unit has <Flight>, deal 7 damage instead.
Your Hero gains +3 Life.
18 Shadow Blade.jpg
Quicksilver Give 1 enemy unit -3 Attack (effective for 1 attack), inflict <Slow> (13 seconds) and that unit cannot counter (13 seconds.) 12 Quicksilver.jpg
Ebony & Ivory Give all friendly units Reverberate. (Resonate will trigger an additional time when an Action Card is used. This effect can stack.) 19 Ebony & Ivory.jpg
Devil Trigger Give your Hero "Immune to damage: 10 seconds." (Take no damage for 10 seconds.) 13 Devil Trigger.jpg


Name Effect AP Image
Dancing Dead / Raging Hellfist Deal damage equal to the number of units in your Graveyard +3 to 1 enemy unit.
If that unit is destroyed by this damage, additionally give your Hero +3 Life.
23 Dancing Dead.jpg
Despair, wail, and perish! / Howl, Puppet! Wail! Place up to 3 random black units with an MP cost of 4 or less in your Graveyard onto the field. 28 Despair, wail, and perish!.jpg
Dark Invitation / Abyssal Cavalry Activate the Death abilities of 1 friendly unit. 14 Dark Invitation.jpg
Raging Demon Give the <Ascended> status to 1 friendly unit without the <Ascended> status and destroy the unit in front of it. 23 Raging Demon.jpg
Sekia Kuretsuha Destroy all units with 4 or less HP. 20 Sekia Kuretsuha.jpg
Ashura Senku Move 1 friendly unit to a random open board slot.
Give that unit "<Veil>: 10 seconds" and "Immune to damage: 10 seconds."
16 Ashura Senku.jpg
Dark Destruction Destroy 1 enemy unit with an MP cost of 5 or less. 20 Dark Destruction.jpg
Uroboros Place the unit with the highest MP cost in your Graveyard onto the field.
Give that unit: "Death: Remove self from the game."
22 Uroboros.jpg
Bringer of Nightmares Give 1 unit in your deck with <Revenge> active -1 MP and add it to the EX Pocket. (MP costs cannot drop below 1.)
Give that unit +1/+1.
12 Bringer of Nightmares.jpg
Spike Divebomb Give 1 friendly unit +4/+4 and "Destroy after 1 attack." 15 Spike Divebomb.jpg
Spike Launch Deal damage equal to the amount of Life sacrificed split among all enemy units.
The maximum amount of damage this can deal is 12.
20 Spike Launch.jpg
Change Form If your Hero's Life is 20 or less, give all black units in your hand, EX Pocket, and on your field +1/+2. 18 Change Form.jpg

Further notes[]

  • During matches, players may tap at the opponent's Hero which will display the Hero Art they are using.