An Element, also known as color, is a given attribute to a Hero or Card. All Heroes and Cards come with one pre-determined element which cannot be changed.

The colors are an important feature in the game due to them dictating how much MP a player will be able to accumulate in a match based on the amount of colors within a Deck.

Element List[]

Note: The overviews below should only serve as a base of what a color's specialty is, it should not be taken literally due to, for example, Red being able to use "Halt" thanks to Trauma (T044) being Explored out of Blizzard Wolfang (TFS 010).


RED element.png

The Red element specializes in attack,[1] this color will buff the attack of ally units or deal high damage to enemy units and/or the enemy Hero.

For a list of Heroes and Cards of the Red element, see Category:Red.


GREEN element.png

The Green element specializes in healing and shielding,[1] this color will buff the HP of ally units or buff them in a defensive way, such as adding Shield or Veil.

For a list of Heroes and Cards of the Green element, see Category:Green.


PURPLE element.png

The Purple element specializes in restricting the opponent's movements,[1] this color will debuff enemy units, such as giving them Halt statuses.

For a list of Heroes and Cards of the Purple element, see Category:Purple.


BLACK element.png

The Black element specializes in sacrificing Cards and Life for powerful attacks,[1] this color will deal damage to their own Hero in order to destroy ally or enemy unit in order to power up their own attack(s).

For a list of Heroes and Cards of the Black element, see Category:Black.