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Darkstalkers, known as Vampire (ヴァンパイア Vanpaia?) in Japan, is a fighting game franchise.


Darkstalkers Resurrection main visual

Morrigan in the cover of Darkstalkers Resurrection.

The first game in the series released in 1994 for arcade machines, titled Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors (Vampire: The Night Warrior in Japan).

The latest title in the series was Darkstalkers Resurrection (Vampire Resurrection in Japan), which was released in 2013.

Please see the Darkstalkers Wiki for further information about the series.

Darkstalkers in TEPPENEdit


Morrigan AenslandEdit

Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan first appeared in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors.

Morrigan's voice actors are Siobhan-Flynn and Rie Tanaka in the English and Japanese versions respectively.

Hero ArtsEdit

Name Image Notes
Temptation Temptation N/A
Darkness Illusion Darkness Illusion N/A
Shadow Blade Shadow Blade N/A


Basic CardsEdit

Name Image Notes
Demitri Maximoff (JILL 004) Jill004 N/A
B.B. Hood (RYU 006) Ryu006 N/A
Donovan Baine (RATHALOS 004) Rathalos004 N/A
Felicia (X 006) X006 N/A
Sasquatch (CHUN-LI 006) Chun-li006 N/A
Hsien-Ko (MORRIGAN 007) Morrigan007 N/A
Morrigan Aensland (MORRIGAN 008) Morrigan008 N/A
Anakaris (MORRIGAN 001) Morrigan001 N/A
Lilith (MORRIGAN 003) Morrigan003 N/A
Will to Unite (MORRIGAN 013) Morrigan013 N/A
Power Grab (MORRIGAN 012) Morrigan012 N/A
Soul Thirst (MORRIGAN 009) Morrigan009 N/A
Irresistible Pleasure (MORRIGAN 010) Morrigan010 N/A
Mega Shock (MORRIGAN 011) Morrigan011 N/A
Lord Raptor (WESKER 003) Wesker003 N/A
Pyron (NERGIGANTE 003) Nergigante003 N/A
Jedah Dohma (AKUMA 004) Akuma004 N/A

Core Card PackEdit

Name Image Notes
B.B. Hood (COR 023) Cor023 N/A
Donovan Baine (COR 020) Cor020 N/A
Q-Bee (COR 012) Cor012 N/A
Cool-Headed Devil Hunter (COR 041) Cor041 N/A
Merciless Attack (COR 034) Cor034 N/A
Felicia (COR 069) Cor069 N/A
Dream of Restoration (COR 088) Cor088 N/A
Refuel (COR 078) Cor078 N/A
Beast Cannon (COR 079) Cor079 N/A
Dark Libido Morrigan (COR 115) Cor115 N/A
Dark Libido Morrigan (COR 115, Secret) Cor115 sct N/A
Lilith (COR 109) Cor109 N/A
Dee (COR 092) Cor092 N/A
Anakaris (COR 101) Cor101 N/A
Hsien-Ko (COR 102) Cor102 N/A
Magic Seal (COR 132) Cor132 N/A
Nibble (COR 130) Cor130 N/A
Jedah Dohma (COR 159) Cor159 N/A
Lord Raptor (COR 155) Cor155 N/A
Bishamon (COR 147) Cor147 N/A
Gathered Souls (COR 170) Cor170 N/A
Mad Massacre (COR 174) Cor174 N/A
False Throne (COR 175) Cor175 N/A


Name Image Notes
Salvation of Souls (T030) T030 N/A
Demitri Maximoff (DON 015) Don015 N/A
Unbreakable Bond (DON 047) Don047 N/A
Hsien-Ko (DON 065) Don065 N/A
Mei-Ling (DON 056) Don056 N/A
A Splendid Buffet (DON 070) Don070 N/A
Jedah, High Noble (DON 092) Don092 N/A
Double-Edged Sword (DON 094) Don094 N/A

The Devils AwakenEdit

Name Image Notes
Forged in Battle (TDA 019) Tda019 N/A
Lurking in the Mud (TDA 048) Tda048 N/A
Innocent Desire Lilith (TDA 067) Tda067 N/A
Innocent Desire Lilith (TDA 067, Secret) Tda067 sct N/A
Surge of Demonic Power (TDA 075) Tda075 N/A
Pyron (TDA 090) Tda090 N/A
Underworld King's Pulse (TDA 097) Tda097 N/A

The Force SeekersEdit

Name Image Notes
Bestial Beauty Felicia (TFS 042) Tfs042 N/A
Huitzil (TFS 039) Tfs039 N/A
Huitzil (TFS 039, Secret) Tfs039 sct N/A
Jon Talbain (TFS 033) Tfs033 N/A
Rikuo (TFS 028) Tfs028 N/A
Call to Battle (TFS 048) Tfs048 N/A
Timeless Murder Machine (TFS 046) Tfs046 N/A
Victor von Gerdenheim (TFS 052) Tfs052 N/A
The Empress' Derision (TFS 069) Tfs069 N/A

Haunted by MemoriesEdit

Name Image Notes
Anita (HBM 002) Hbm002 N/A
Inborn Powers (HBM 022) Hbm022 N/A
Calamitous Eruption (HBM 014) Hbm014 N/A
Destined Confrontation (HBM 042) Hbm042 N/A
Dee (HBM 052) Hbm052 N/A
Pyron (HBM 079) Hbm079 N/A
Obsessive Duel (HBM 097) Hbm097 N/A

Adventures of a Tiny HeroEdit

Name Image Notes
Q-Bee (ATH 013) Ath013 N/A
B. B. Hood (ATH 007) Ath007 N/A
B. B. Hood (ATH 007, Secret) Ath007 sct N/A
Furious Salvo (ATH 023) Ath023 N/A
Sasquatch (ATH 038) Ath038 N/A
Huitzil (ATH 032) Ath032 N/A
Sympathy (ATH 046) Ath046 N/A
Errant Banana (ATH 047) Ath047 N/A
Errant Banana (ATH 047, Secret) Ath047 N/A
Victor von Gerdenheim (ATH 058) Ath058 N/A
Giga Hammer (ATH 070) Ath070 N/A


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