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Match StartEdit

  • Think you can dodge my kicks?
  • Said your prayers?
  • I'll take you on.
  • You'll get no mercy from me!

When using an Action CardEdit

  • You're done.
  • Now you know what real kung fu looks like!
  • I can't lose this.

Hero ArtsEdit

When the Hero Art is readyEdit

  • My spirit burns!

Using the Hero ArtEdit

Match WonEdit

  • (laughs) I did it!

Being at an advantageEdit

  • Just give up already.

Match LostEdit

  • Next time.... I won't lose!

Being at a disadvantageEdit

  • Don't... count me out yet.

Main MenuEdit

  • Father... I'll put an end to their plans!
  • I will avenge my father if it's the last thing I do!
  • Alright, let's get going.
  • Now I'll show you... my kung fu!
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