Subtle Butterfly Ada (ADA 063) being played by Ada Wong, depending on the card, more than one ability can be assigned to it.

Below is a list of Abilities in TEPPEN. The abilities are gameplay mechanics attached to the cards and Hero Arts, each of them have a different effect.

Every ability has an unique icon or animation attached to them which only shows up on Unit Cards that are on the field.

While the icons can be seen at the "Ability List" menu in-game, the animation (such as the "burn" animation attached to Ascended) can only be seen during a match.

Ability List

Name Effect Number of pages with the ability
Flight If the unit directly across cannot block Flight, attack the Hero directly. Can block units with Flight. 124 page(s)
Rush Speeds up first attack after card played. 57 page(s)
Heavy Pierce After defeating an enemy unit, the damage dealt to that unit will also be dealt to the enemy Hero. 27 page(s)
Agility Doubles attack gauge speed. 71 page(s)
Slow Halves attack gauge speed. 30 page(s)
Combo Deals damage twice when attacking. 57 page(s)
Shield Nullifies damage taken. (One time only) 101 page(s)
Veil Prevents targeting by an opponent's Action Cards and Hero Art. 23 page(s)
Revenge When defeated, goes back to your deck instead of the Graveyard, and cost is reduced to half. (One time only) When returned to the deck, halved MP is rounded up. 53 page(s)
∞ Revenge When the card is destroyed, return it to the deck instead of placing it in your Graveyard. This effect can be activated an infinite number of times.

Its cost is halved when it is returned to the deck. Halved MP is rounded up. If the original card gaining this effect didn't have the <∞ Revenge> ability, the gained ability becomes <Revenge>.

1 page(s)
Spillover Deals half of damage dealt to a unit to the adjacent units as well. 46 page(s)
Anti-Air Blocks attacks from units with Flight. 21 page(s)
Halt Resets attack gauge. While halted, the target will be unable to attack or counter. 56 page(s)
MP Boost XX% Increases your MP charge speed by XX%. 21 page(s)
Art Charge X Gain X Art Point(s). 27 page(s)
Lock Locks a slot. Units cannot be placed on a slot while it is locked. 36 page(s)
Seal Nullifies all abilities and effects on a unit. Units can still gain effects after being sealed. 20 page(s)
Pierce Damage After defeating an enemy unit, any excess damage is dealt to the enemy Hero. 10 page(s)
Explore The specified card not in your deck is newly found and added to your EX Pocket. 116 page(s)
Growth Gains Growth Points equal to MP cost of friendly unit played from hand. Levels up after a set amount of GP. 114 page(s)
When played Triggered when using MP to summon a card from your hand or EX Pocket. Does not trigger when summoned by other effects. 291 page(s)
When placed Triggered when a card is summoned to the field. 24 page(s)
When exploring Activates when an ally explores. 9 page(s)
Attacking Triggered when the attack gauge reaches 100%. The effect is activated before damage is dealt. 56 page(s)
Death Triggered when HP reaches 0. The effect is activated before going to the Graveyard. 136 page(s)
Resonate Triggered when an Action Card is used. The effect can be activated during Active Response. 60 page(s)
Decimate Triggered when defeating an enemy unit with an attack or counter. 64 page(s)
Taking damage Activates when the target takes damage. 30 page(s)
Indestructible Nullifies destroy effects. (Will be destroyed if HP reaches 0.) 4 page(s)
Ascended This card can be played on top of a friendly unit.
The overlapped unit is destroyed, and the unit played gains the <Ascended> status.
Cannot be placed on units with <Indestructible>.
119 page(s)
Memory Effects activate if the number of Action Cards used in the battle is equal to or greater than the displayed number.

If it's on a Unit Card, effects activate if the number of Action Cards used in the battle is equal to or greater than the displayed number at the time the unit is placed on the field.

80 page(s)
Crush Deals damage when attacking without taking counter damage. 19 page(s)
Destroyed by Damaging Effect Activates when the player who controls the unit with this effect destroys a unit through damaging effects.

(Excluding <Spillover> damage)

10 page(s)
Evidence Consumed when activating unit abilities and <Present> effects. 56 page(s)
Present An effect that activates upon consuming the designated amount of Evidence.
This effect does not activate if you do not have enough Evidence.
28 page(s)
Quest You'll level up when you fulfill the required conditions. 39 page(s)
N/A Cards without any effects. 44 page(s)

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