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The 1st ANNIVERSARY Pack 1 is a card pack for TEPPEN which was available between August 3 - August 31, 2020.[1]

It was first announced via the first TEPPEN HEADLINE EXPRESS on August 2 and was released via the Version 2.5 Update. The pack was part of the TEPPEN 1st Anniversary campaign and it costed 240 Jewels per pack with a Legendary Charge of 30. It had the ability to pull Core Card Pack, DAY OF NIGHTMARES, The Devils Awaken, Haunted by Memories and Adventures of a Tiny Hero cards alongside all nine Skins that were available at the time. Additionally, this card pack had a higher chance of opening a skin.[1]

This pack introduced the following cards: Veteran Agent Leon (HBM 011, Secret), Curious Cat Felyne (ATH 041, Secret), Innocent Desire Lilith (TDA 067, Secret) and Tainted King Vaal Hazak (TDA 092, Secret)

Possible Skins

  • Azure Rathalos
  • Pink Dress
  • Blonde Hair
  • Ready for Battle
  • Evil Ryu
  • Blue Headband
  • Double Cyclone
  • Black Hair
  • Arch-Tempered

Possible Cards

Secret Cards






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